The practical test is your final step before attaining that driving license! The practical test is really not as daunting as some may make it out to be. Here are 5 top tips from our driving instructors on passing your practical test on the first attempt!

  • Confidence is key! Be confident about your driving abilities from the start to the end. If possible, greet the instructor with a confident smile and handshake. Testers will definitely pass a confident driver who exhibits mastery over the vehicle and road conditions
  • Test dates and timings can be crucial in determining the success of your practical test. Stay away from test slots which fall within peak hours and bus lane timings to avoid undesirable traffic situations. Always remember to consult your private driving instructor when booking the test date, they will know how to advise you accordingly
  • Stay calm! It is normal to feel nervous during the practical test, but do not let the mistakes you make affect you. Also, never give up even if you happen to realize that you have exceeded 20 demerit points. Testers have the authority to grant “grace points” after the test has been concluded. We have had several students who have had demerit points deducted at the end of the test, allowing them to pass succesfully
  • Be extremely careful! Especially when it comes to dealing with kerbs. Kerbs have a notorious reputation of being the main cause for failure. Striking the kerb deducts a hefty 10 points and mounting the kerb results in an immediate failure. Also, remember to check your blind spots regularly to clocking unnecessary demerit points
  • Always remember that safety is top priority. The driving curriculum emphaizes greatly on defensive driving. Hence, always keep it in mind to show the tester that you are a safe driver that can be trusted on the road

From the team at PASSFAST Driving Instructors, we wish you the very best in passing your practical test!