Parallel parking has proven to be one of the hardest manoeuvres for many driving students. The key to mastering this skill is being able to visualize it. Once you have achieved that, the individual steps of the parallel parking process will make a lot more sense and being more intuitive. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to parallel park well!



  1. Position the car slightly ahead of the parking lot. The car should be approximately one doors length away from the side kerb, and 1 car length away from the parking lot. Make sure that your mirrors are already well adjusted
  2. Perform mandatory safety checks before signalling left and engage the reverse gear
  3. Look through your left side mirror while reversing. When the back kerb on the left becomes fully visible, turn the steering wheel fully to the left
  4. Reverse in slowly, making sure that your vehicle is at a 45 degrees angle. Straighten the wheel and continue reversing
  5. Continue reversing without turning the steering wheel until your front left wheel crosses the front kerb. Make a full right turn on the steering wheel and continue reversing until the car is completely in the lot
  6. Ensure that the back wheel of the car doesn’t hit or mount the back kerb

Exiting the parking lot:

  1. Engage reverse gear and perform safety checks before making a full left turn on the steering wheel
  2. Reverse while making sure that the back wheel of the car does not touch the kerb. This step ensures that the vehicle has maximum space to manoeuvre out of the lot
  3. Engage forward gear, signal right and perform safety checks. Make a full right turn on the steering wheel and proceed slowly when possible
  4. Once the back left wheel has cleared the side kerb, proceed to straighten the steering wheel and leave the lot