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Singapore Private Driving Instructor: Tips on how to choose a good driving instructor!

Are u searching for a good Driving Instructor that can teach you so that you can pass your driving confidently? A good driving instructor offers more than just the requisite licence, insurance and a formal code of practice through the membership of the relevant association.

private driving instructor singapore

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Here are some of the qualities that you can book for in making a decision to choose a good private driving instructor.

  • They’re flexible with pick up and drop off points. Being able to comfortably schedule your learner driver lessons with study or work commitments will mean you’re relaxed and, as a result, more receptive to learning during your lesson.
  • They teach safe or ‘low-risk’ driving. These behavioral-based programs focus on the underlying values, attitudes and thought processes that contribute to safer driving. In a practical sense, you’ll learn how to identify and mitigate against road hazards.
  • They offer a choice of vehicle. A choice of either a manual or automatic transmission vehicles is a must, while a driving instructor with a dual-control vehicle makes you safer, particularly in the early phase of the journey towards getting your licence.
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