Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Enrolment

1. How do I apply for the Basic Theory Test (BTT) as a private candidate?

Due to COVID-19, the test centers (CDC, SSDC and BBDC) are no longer accepting walk-ins and visits are to be via appointment ONLY.

Please visit the website of the test center of your choosing and book an appointment date. Head down to the test center on the day of your appointment, open a private account and proceed to book the BTT as a private candidate.

2. The appointment date is too far away, can I apply for the BTT online?

Unfortunately, booking for the BTT on the test center’s website itself results in you opening a school account, which disqualifies you from taking private lessons. Kindly follow the instructions outlined above to open a private account.

3. Can Passfast Driving Instructors book the BTT or Final Theory Test (FTT) for me?

Strictly no. The theory tests are administered by the traffic police department and application will require your NRIC/FIN. Please keep the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in mind and be wary of furnishing your personal details over the internet.

4. Can I start my lessons without my BTT?

No. Traffic police mandates that all learners must have a Provisional Driving License (PDL) before they are allowed on the road.

5. I have passed my BTT, do I need to get my FTT done before I can start with Passfast Driving Instructors?

Good news, you don’t! All we need is your PDL to start! In fact,  it is recommended to do your FTT concurrently with your lessons. Reach out to our team to arrange for lessons!

6. I passed my BTT many years ago, do I need to retake the BTT before starting my lessons with Passfast Driving Instructors?

Good news once again! The BTT is valid for life and you do not need to retake (unless your license was revoked). However, you do need a PDL. If you had a PDL previously, you can renew it online via Singpass. If not, you will have to book an appointment with the test center then head down to complete your eye test and apply for your PDL after.

7. My BTT is approaching and I need help preparing for it, can Passfast Driving Instructors offer any assistance?

Of course, this is our expertise. After all, we are only here to help you pass fast! Kindly reach out to any of our staff for information! Links to our contact can be found right below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Lessons

1. Are the instructors at Passfast Driving Instructors licensed private driving instructors?

Yes, that is a definite. All our instructors are Traffic Police (TP) approved licensed private driving instructors. 

2. Is the instructor’s vehicle insured?

Yes, it is.

3. Do your instructors have access to the circuit at the test center?

Yes. All our instructors are registered at one of the three test centers. You will have access to the circuit the instructor is registered at.

4. How are private driving lessons conducted at Passfast Driving Instructors?

We will start off with lessons on the roads near your pick up location, eventually moving on to the test routes around the test center and finally getting practice on the circuit.

Here at Passfast Driving Instructors, our aim to always to help you get your license in the shortest time possible using the least amount of lessons. Please do not be alarmed if you are driving on the main roads by your first lesson. It is very normal.

5. How many circuit sessions are needed?

We will always aim to help students save money by minimizing the number of circuit sessions as much as possible. Based on past experience, 3 to 4 circuit sessions should be sufficient.

6. Can I seat at the back of the vehicle while my child is having his/her lessons?

Strictly no. This is illegal.

7. Are there any young instructors?

As the last private driving instructor license was given out more than 20 years ago, there are no fresh blood in this industry.

8. How long does it take to get a license?

Due to COVID-19, the test centre is operating at only 50% capacity. As such, realistically, you have to give the whole process about 4-7 months.

9. How many lessons can I book in a week?

As a new student, you should be getting around one lesson every one to two weeks (lower frequency for peak slots) and ramp up in frequency as your test date approaches.               

We operate strictly on a first come first serve basis and will not prioritize any students. To ensure equal learning opportunities, we allow only one lesson to be booked at any given time. Give others a chance to learn!

10. Will there be a standardized curriculum?

All private driving instructors have their own style and methods of teaching which they have developed over their many years of experience. As such, they are able to eliminate the unnecessary and focus on teaching what is needed to help you get your license.

If your preference is to have the most coverage over the course of a structured curriculum, our best advice would be for you to take your lessons with the school instead of taking private lessons. 


Frequently Asked Questions – Payment

 1. Does Passfast Driving Instructors charge a registration fee?

 Yes we do. Collection of registration fee is a standard practice in this industry. You will find that this is consistent for every private driving instructor/institution you approach. The purpose of the registration fee is to prevent the practice of “instructor hopping”.

2. Why is there a fee for circuit sessions? 

The school charges private learners for every use of the circuit. We do not earn a single cent from it.

3. Are there any hidden charges?

No, we are transparent on our fees. Please clarify when you are conversing with us, we don’t know what you don’t know!

4. How much budget should I set aside?

We advise any prospective students to allocate an overall budget of at least 1200-1500 to obtain their license. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Others

1. Is Passfast Driving Instructors a driving school?

No, there are only three licensed driving schools in Singapore (Bukit Batok Driving Center, ComfortDelgro Driving Center and Singapore Safety Driving Center). We are a matching service incepted in 2013 that pairs prospective students to private driving instructors. The scope of our service includes pairing a student up with a licensed private instructor and doing the labor of matching their schedules and arranging the first lesson between them. Thereafter, subsequent arrangement and conduct of lessons are to be held solely between the student and the instructor. We only work with a carefully curated list of instructors who have had positve track record with our clients over the years.

2. Can I pay a premium for you to help me get earlier/more slots?

No. We wish to give all students equal learning opportunities. Hence, we will not prioritize any student and will operate strictly on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for understanding! 

3. The instructor’s style does not suit me, can I request for a change of instructor?

If you wish to try a new instructor, you can let us we know. We will help to retrieve any lesson fees paid in advance. Should we assign you a new instructor, as per standard industry practice, registration fee will be charged for the new instructor.  Note that we cannot make guarantees on student-teacher compatability as what works for one may not work for the other, but rest assured the instructors we work with have positive track records as shared by our past clients. 

4. My instructor is unable to teach for a while due to vehicle breaking down/health reasons, are you able to provide a temporary replacement instructor?

Your registration fee is tied to one instructor and is non-transferable. As such, we will not be able to give you a replacement instructor. If you want a new instructor, as per standard industry practice, registration fee will be charged. We suggest just to wait out short term disruptions. 

In the unfortunate event that an instructor is unable to teach for an indefinite amount of time due to health reasons (they are elderly after all), we will help to recover any lesson fee paid in advance and provide a 15% refund on registration paid as a gesture of goodwill.

Private instructors are sole proprietors in practice are hence exposed to such risks. Please be aware before signing up.  Click on our names below to Whatsapp us now!

Our Friendly Team Is Always Available To Help You!