Our company was founded with one main purpose, to help learner drivers obtain their very own driving license in the shortest time possible. Over the years, this industry has witnessed many students taking an extended period to obtain a license, some reasons for this could include: 1. Delay in Test Date Booking, 2. Incompatible Teaching Methods, 3. Unnecessary Extra Lessons… and many more. This has resulted in students wasting unnecessary time and money. Our company strives to put an end to this as we believe that the process of obtaining a driving license should be effective and efficient.

We are strong believers in effective teaching, hence we choose to work only with the best private driving instructors in Singapore. Every single one of our private driving instructors have been teaching for at least 20 years in this industry. We guarantee that together with their experience, you will obtain your driving license in the most efficient manner. We promise that we will always look to help you get your license in the shortest time possible and will never squeeze more lessons out of you than you need.

Feel free to reach out to our team for assistance. Our services are 100% free with no obligations. We look forward to helping you obtain your license in the most efficient way possible. Our Singapore driving instructors are the best in the business and we want to help you obtain your licence in the shortest time possible!



1. How do I apply for the Basic Theory Test (BTT) as a private candidate?

Due to COVID-19, the test centers (CDC, SSDC and BBDC) are no longer accepting walk-ins and visits are to be via appointment ONLY.

Please visit the website of the test center of your choosing and book an appointment date. Head down to the test center on the day of your appointment, open a private account and proceed to book the BTT as a private candidate.

2. The appointment date is too far away, can I apply for the BTT online?

Unfortunately, booking for the BTT on the test center’s website itself results in you opening a school account, which disqualifies you from taking private lessons. Kindly follow the instructions outlined above to open a private account.

3. Can Passfast Driving Instructors book the BTT or Final Theory Test (FTT) for me?

Strictly no. The theory tests are administered by the traffic police department and application will require your NRIC/FIN. Please keep the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in mind and be wary of furnishing your personal details over the internet.

4. Can I start my lessons without my BTT?

No. Traffic police mandates that all learners must have a Provisional Driving License (PDL) before they are allowed on the road.

5. I have passed my BTT, do I need to get my FTT done before I can start with Passfast Driving Instructors?

Good news, you don’t! All we need is your PDL to start! In fact,  it is recommended to do your FTT concurrently with your lessons. Reach out to our team to arrange for lessons!

6. I passed my BTT many years ago, do I need to retake the BTT before starting my lessons with Passfast Driving Instructors?

Good news once again! The BTT is valid for life and you do not need to retake (unless your license was revoked). However, you do need a PDL. If you had a PDL previously, you can renew it online via Singpass. If not, you will have to book an appointment with the test center then head down to complete your eye test and apply for your PDL after.

7. Can I take the BTT or FTT under Passfast Driving Instructors?

No, this is beyond our scope. The BTT and FTT are administered by the traffic police via the three test centers (BBDC, CDC and SSDC). Passfast Driving Instructors is not a driving school but rather a matching service that pairs prospective students with private driving instructors for their first lesson. Please open a private account with the test center and book the theory tests as a private candidate.

8. Am I required to take the BTT at any particular test center in order to sign up with Passfast Driving Instructors?

We cover all three test centers in Singapore, so please feel free to take your BTT at any test center of your convenience.

9. How do I apply for simulator sessions?

The system only allows you to book for simulator sessions after completing at least five practical sessions. You are required to clear three simulator sessions before you are allowed to book for the practical test. Simulator sessions and TP test dates are governed by the test center.

10. How much do I need to pay for the circuit use and practical test?

Circuit sessions are charged by the school and costs ~$40 per use. As per the standard in 2022, including test fee, vehicle rental, warmup, circuit fees, expect to pay about $450-$550 all in for the TP test. 

11. My BTT is approaching and I need help preparing for it, can Passfast Driving Instructors offer any assistance?

Of course, this is our expertise. After all, we are only here to help you pass fast! Kindly reach out to any of our staff for information! 

12. The instructor you assigned me is sick/hospitalized and will be unable to provide me lessons for the time being, what can I do?

We are sorry to hear that! That is indeed unfortunate. As the last private driving instructor license was given out over 20 years ago, private driving instructors are usually in their golden years. Their wisdom and experience come with a trade-off of being susceptible to conditions that come with old age. That being said, please note that as private driving instructors are freelance, Passfast Driving Instructors will not be held responsible and no change of instructor will be offered in the unfortunate event your assigned instructor becomes unavailable to fulfil his obligations to you. Kindly refer to our terms and conditions for more details.

13. I am currently undergoing lessons with one of the three driving schools (BBDC, CDC or SSDC) but am unable to get slots while waiting for my practical test. Can I sign up with Passfast Driving Instructors for supplementary revision lessons?

I’m afraid we do not take engagements of such nature. However, do feel free to reach out if you need an instructor after your test!

14. I am currently undergoing lessons with other another instructor but I feel that progress is slow. Can I take lesson simultaneously with Passfast Driving Instructors to speed up the process?

Strictly no. Despite them not working with us, we respect your current private instructor’s time and will not take on such engagements. 

15. I have taken a few lessons with other instructors/agencies but I find the experience to be unsatisfactory. Can I switch over to Passfast Driving Instructors and do I need to start my lessons from scratch?

Of course, you can. Kindly note that we are *NOT* associated with agencies such as sgdrivinginstructors.com or other external private driving instructors so any lesson or registration fees paid to them cannot be transferred over to us. Once you sign up, our instructors will assess your current level of proficiency and pick up where you left off. 

Should you have any more queries our friendly team is always at your dispoal, so feel free to reach out!


*We are currently experiencing a high volume of requests so we will greatly appreciate it if you could share your queries over WhatsApp instead of calling*

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Private Driving Instructors:

1. Affordability

It is a well-known fact that Private Driving Lessons are much more affordable compared to driving school lessons. Starting from an average of $40/h, we offer much lower rates compared to driving school that charges upwards of $55/h. That translates to cost savings of about $400-$700 over the course of learning – enough to buy a pair of plane tickets to Bali! That is why getting a private driving instructor in Singapore is a great investment.

2. Flexibility

Private Driving Lessons are also more flexible compared to school lessons. Private driving instructors run their own schedule, allowing them to plan lessons which accommodate to your schedule too. 

3. Efficiency

Taking lessons from our private driving instructors allows you to book your test date early as there are no pre-determined number of lessons required before test-date booking. On average, the school requires students to complete 25 driving lessons before allowing the booking of a test date. An average student under a private instructor requires 15-20 lessons before taking the test. This translates into both cost and time savings for students.

4. Consistency

1 instructor, 1 vehicle. Students learning under a private driving instructor have the privilege of using the same car for every lesson and for the practical test. Driving the same vehicle for every lessons also enable students to develop confidence in their ability to control the vehicle with precision. On the other hand, driving schools tend to switch instructors and cars every lesson. This may affect the student’s confidence and overall driving ability for lessons and tests. A good rapport between the student and the instructor is also of paramount importance. We allocate private driving instructors to students based on each students’ individual needs, ensuring a good fit between student and instructor.

5. Experience

Each of our private driving instructors in Singapore have at least 20 years of experience, they are masters of the craft. They are also friendly, patient, and always willing to offer guidance to students. Having taught countless students and seen many graduated through the practical test, our private driving instructors are definitely well-seasoned and experienced. Rest assured, you are in safe and well-qualified hands.